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Get Up and Move

Published on October 13, 2015, by in Commentary.

Chances are, if you are like many a business owner, you are sitting in your seat or chair for extended periods of time. This is bad for you. You have seen the news reports and other infographics around. Why is it so bad? Sitting raises the risks of heart disease, diabetes and blood clots. Basically, sitting all day can be a real killer. Not only do you have issues with sitting, your employees will as well.

So show them a different side of leadership by helping them to see that you care about them. Give them those breaks, and when they don't take it you make sure that they get up and do. This is extremely important. Take a moment to watch this report on how important it is to move around at the office, and get to moving yourself as well as getting your people to move.

Read the full article here: Sitting at work for hours

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