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Your Employees Are Stressed

Published on October 9, 2015, by in Commentary.

Employees face stress on a regular basis. They face stress that comes from themselves and their own feelings regarding job performance. They also endure the stress that comes from bosses who are demanding a lot from these employees. In addition, they will always face stress from customers who complain and what not. This is not a new thing.

However, what may be new in all of this is what you do as an employer and boss. Most employers do not spend a lot of time caring for the needs of their employees. For this reason, workers are often dissatisfied and looking for other opportunities and work experience. But this is precisely where you can step in and be the difference. Show that you care by helping them understand their stress and how to handle it.

If you are unsure yourself, take a look at this video that will help you not only understand how stress works in a person's life, but also how to help alleviate it. Take a look and show your employees that you care for them. As you do, they will respond by not only working hard, but staying with you. 


Watch: The workplace and Stress

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