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Polyurethane Domed Name Badges

Published on June 27, 2012, by in Product Spotlight.

Do you remember elementary school science class?  We learned about measuring surface tension by placing water on a penny with an eye dropper.  You could get quite a few drops on the penny before it would spill over.  But prior to spilling over, and if you didn’t add too much water, you could get quite


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Buttons, Magnets, Keychains and More!

Published on June 16, 2012, by in New Products, News.

  We are happy to introduce a few new products to our growing catalog.  With the addition of some new manufacturing equipment – and it’s pretty cool too – we are now capable of creating some awesome new stuff. Our customers have come to expect the finest quality products available, and we aren’t going to


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Yup, We Are Bloggers Now

Published on June 16, 2012, by in News.

Today makes it official.  Best Name Badges is a blogging company now. I must say, this seems like a very natural extension of our strategies moving forward.  Our blog will provide us with a way to provide new information to our existing clients as well as an archived storybook of information for new clients to


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